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The Perfect Formula

Posted on 2010.03.10 at 00:02
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For some reason I have been addicted to a TV show. Not really any particular TV show, first it was News Radio and now it is Chuck. However, I will not just casually watch an episode and turn away to go do something else. With News Radio I watched the first two seasons on Netflix, back-to-back. One after the other until they were finished(Only the first two seasons because once Phil Hartman died I lost interest in the show). And as a side note the most interesting thing I learned about that show is that many of the episodes are named after different Led Zeppelin albums. Then with Chuck, I downloaded the first two seasons, and thanks to a bad stomach virus I had plenty of time to sit and watch them back-to-back. So now, nearing the end of what has been filmed of this show I can pretty much pluck out every element that makes it successful. Am I going to sit here and do that? No. Because it would only interest the people who like that show, however I do have something to say about formula writers.

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High Standards

Posted on 2009.11.25 at 23:52
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I am constantly trying to think of something meaningful to post on my livejournal. It is like I am treating it like some jewel that needs only the best of my work in order to be worthy. But this doesn't spawn from an idea that livejournal is for to be given high praise. Anyone can post so it is in the same category as me scribbling something down, making a paper airplane out of it, and tossing it out the window. It seems more the spawn from my inability to allow anything from leaving my mind without it being fully formed. I mean that is a ridiculas standard is it not?


View the wonders of modern sound engineering!!

Posted on 2009.05.13 at 14:42
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 I'm not usually an advocate of heavy sound engineering because it usually just serves to cover mistakes that can be fixed with hard work.  However, this video illustrates ways that it can do a lot of good.

It's cheesy but is some damn tasty cheese that I would eat with a fine wine.



Posted on 2009.05.10 at 14:39
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Instead of working on the new accounting software for my work, I was pondering making a flowchart to make it all easier to understand.  That's when I stumbled upon this!

I think it sums it up nicely...


Hardboiled, Southpark

itouch LJ

Posted on 2009.01.20 at 20:40
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I saw that they made a new app for the iphone so I added it to my itouch.  Though I am disappointed that it won’t let me read my friend's posts on it.  It just lets me post to LJ.  I hope they update it soon because I find it ridiculous that I should have to use two different apps for one website! 


Look out! Its a space Zombie!

Posted on 2009.01.20 at 01:03
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Recently, a friend of mine got back to me about a project that we talked about working on over a year ago.  It was to start a game company by producing a humble tabletop RPG.  We were both excited about it, for many reasons, not the least of which being our extensive experience with tabletop gaming.  But also because of an acute understanding of gaming mechanics, and eye catching concepts.  Over the past year I have pushed it to the back of my mind so I could focus on school and generally not thinking much of it except in passing.  Recently, he got back in touch with me and now tells me that he has been working in developing the company this whole time.  He calls it Red Feather Games and has been in the development stages of a game that marries a card game, a tiled board game and an RPG.  Now this idea has been done with games in the past and they have largely been flops.  However, this is not really a discouragement because it remains an unfilled niche, and these past games serve as an opportunity for us to learn from their failure.  With several others on board they have been hammering out basic game mechanics for our first game, which is of the zombie variety.  Eric, the mastermind behind it all, whom used to work for Wizards of the Coast, has brought me onboard as the lead writer to start developing the handbooks and rule manuals.  The down side is that we all have to work pro-bono until we launch the first game as we have no real funding.  But hell, I get free business cards out of it so that’s enough to get me excited!

Capoeira, Leao, Lion

YouTube Live "Pre-show" Performance

Posted on 2008.12.17 at 14:12
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A couple weeks ago my Capoeira school did a performance for YouTube. We were selected as one of the exceptional performing arts on YouTube. I couldn't go to the performance because I had to work that day but someone uploaded a video of my fellow capoeiristas in a warmup roda.

The bastards dubbed over the singing but it is still a cool vid.



Awesome Sauce!

Posted on 2008.12.17 at 13:20
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For those of you who are looking to get me something for christmas. You can't go wrong with this!


Idle Monkey Hands

Posted on 2008.11.09 at 22:16
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As most know I am a huge Monkey Island fan. One of Lucas arts' piles of gold that remained relatively pure when George Lucas started to jerk off over his own franchise. So here is some good fun with Monkey Island!

Very Very Funny

Very Funny (it lost a "very" when translated)

What happens when nerds have too time on their hands!


Classes, final round!

Posted on 2008.07.28 at 13:11
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So I got the last of my classes done.


Bob Dylan (an inquiry into the beat poet)
Food Wine & Culture in California (We get to take field trips to wine country)
San Francisco (A look at SF as a cultural and social phenomenon)
Jazz Band (Always a favorite)
Music of World Peoples (Hafez's world music class)
Short Story Writing Workshop

Strangely enough all of these classes are classes I need to graduate and none are just for fun... I love my major.

Some of these classes interfere with Capoeira a little bit so I will have to take it upon myself to train in my free time. Luckily I have some big breaks on certain days so as long as I can find a good place it should be all groovy. And once again I managed to get Fridays off which will give me time for other things like working.

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